Script Treatment – The First Step

(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

So you want to write a screenplay. You have come up with the concept and story line and you are ready to begin writing your very first screenplay. Before you start writing it is best to write a script treatment. According to, “The treatment provides a rough overview of the screenplay and is stylistically similar to a short story. A treatment is longer than an outline and is typically several pages that outline the main action sequences of the screenplay. The treatment will help you outline your screenplay so you can successful define each scene. suggests that your treatment lists and describes the following key elements of you story: 1. The main conflict. 2. The person, place, or thing that is the subject of your story. 3. Each action sequence. 4. The main characters. 5. The climax, which is the confrontation between the hero and the villain. 6. The resolution of the main conflict. Your treatment must define the main action sequence and answer the question of who, what, when, where, why, and how. Your screenplay must allow the reader to visually see the script play itself out. This will not happen if your screenplay is not organized properly with the use of an adequate treatment. For further information on writing a screenplay visit