Internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter, Candace Woodson launches new music project, “Try Love”

Internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter, Candace Woodson launches her new music project entitled, “Try Love.” Candace, a school teacher during the day was inspired to write “Try Love” after witnessing the many school shootings across the United States and listened to what her students said and felt about what they were seeing. “I was not hearing the word love and I said someone needs to say it, so I wrote the song.” Candace states, “I asked my students what did they feel was missing and they said Love.”

The world embraced the words of Bishop Michael Curry at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding in May, 2018. In Bishop Curry’s sermon he stated “Love is the only way.” The words preached by Bishop Curry at the royal wedding were synonymous with Candace’s inspiration when she wrote “Try Love.”

Candace’s philosophy is music promotes happiness, resilience and belief. Candace goes on to say, “My music is supposed to carry you through hard times — carry you through a time when you’re wondering if you can make it one more day. It’s supposed to make you believe that love does still exist — that you should give it a shot.” Candace hopes her “Try Love” project will bring about a change in the hearts of many, not just children but all ages. Stay tuned for “Try Love” scheduled to be released in late summer / early fall of 2018. You haven’t heard the last from Candace Woodson. Why not . . . #TryLove . . . it’s the only way.

Candace’s accolades include being #1 on the U.K. Soul Chart Top 30 and receiving best International Artist nominee. Her story of survival will amaze you. Her voice will captivate your ears down to your heart. Candace Woodson answers the call for those who love soulful R&B and talented unfiltered vocals. Born in Paducah, KY, she began singing at the age of five with her older sisters in a gospel group called the Parks Sisters. Although her roots are in gospel, after high school Candace began to explore other genres in the music industry. She is the first graduate of the Commercial Music Program at Tennessee State University in Nashville and is a professional recording artist with a background in Gospel, R&B, Jazz, and Pop. Candace’s mission is to inspire and encourage others to achieve a life of balance that fulfills dreams through the power of music.

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