The art of acting

Atlanta based independent film director, Jay Carver points out the importance of being an effective actor in a recent blog. Carver explains, “When I do castings, a lot of times I can tell right off the bat who’s had some type of training and who’s just kinda winging it.” In his blog “Bad acting . . . avoid it like the plague,” Carver goes on to explain that bad acting can be the result of the actor being miscast or maybe the actor didn’t understand the role or maybe he or she is just not good at acting. “It’s truly an exciting feeling you get when that man, woman or child makes the words come alive from the script and it’s as if the part was made for them,” Carver says.

Through the years, Jay Carver has held many casting auditions and he suggests these tips for actors to follow to grasp the art of acting:

  1. Be subtle.
  2. Listen to yourself.
  3. Listen to the other actors in the scene.
  4. Pay attention to your surroundings.

These 4 simple tips could be the determining factor in securing your next acting job.

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